Suzanne Tidwell is a fiber artist working primarily in the Seattle area.

Throughout my artistic practice, I’ve sought opportunities to transform local surroundings through temporary environmental and interactive art. My signature style of creating knit site-specific installations emerged after living through a particularly dreary passing of seasons. I decided if you don’t like your surroundings - change it. While there isn’t much you can do about the weather and landscape of the Pacific Northwest, you can temporarily alter the surroundings.

My brightly colored installations transformed dreary public spaces around Seattle and the Eastside. People began to frequent public parks they would have never felt comfortable entering before. I have endeavored to bring joy to underused and negatively affected public spaces. People become complacent to what they see every day, rarely stopping to notice details over time. It’s only when things change that we take notice. My work is tactile, temporary and ephemeral in nature. I encourage people to live in the moment, because you never know where an installation will turn up or when it will disappear.