I haven't met many people who feel yarn bombing is a form of public defacement. In comparison to other forms of graffiti, it's usually temporary, easily removable and doesn't leave any lasting trace.  I will admit I almost always ask permission - I'm a girl scout that way.  My work is very labor intensive and nearly impossible to install covertly.  I don't want to waste my time creating something that will be removed after just a few minutes. I realize that by asking permission I'm legitimizing my act of installing art - it's no longer a spontaneous and rogue venture.  As my installations become more popular and I'm invited to create site-specific art for business and corporations I move further away from the graffiti tag.

During my career I've created numerous installations for Seattle Parks & Rec, as well as The Alliance for Pioneer Square, Seattle Sounders, Kemper Development, Seattle Design Center, Rowley Properties, The American Lung Association, Redmond Town Center, Google, and Brooks Sports.

Redmond Town Center

Seattle Design Center


Other Corporate Installations