Public Spaces

When scoping out locations for my next installation, I'm looking for underutilized place - a place that people move through, rather than spend time in.  There a re many reasons why people don't spend time in a designated area. The root cause is usually some sort of undesirable element - crime, drugs, or homeless people sleeping on benches. It can even be something as simple as it's too shady because of the trees.  People don't feel safe in an area that isn't well lit. As population densities increase, we have to make better use of the public space.  Cities are often ranked by their ratio of public use spaces (parks, recreation areas) to retail, business and residential areas.  A problem for most cities is utilization of these areas. If you put playground equipment in a park you will attract families with children, but this is actually a small portion of the community.  The remaining portion of the community is not using the space at all. Cities are learning the importance of programming these spaces for all the public to enjoy.

Alliance for Pioneer Square

Arts-A-Glow 2015

Auburn Parks & Recreation


The fundamental goal of ARTStparks is to make Seattle's downtown parks lively, safe and welcoming public spaces.  Residents, business people, tourists, shoppers, art patrons, sports enthusiasts and casual passersby are drawn in by the unexpected color, playful stripes, and whimsical scenery.   

CoCA's Heaven & Earth

Green River College